The Salon Hair Tools at The Hanazono Inn

Hey, Christina here, a contributor for The Limelight Kyoto. I was talking about The Apartment Hotel, the apartment-style hotel rooms on the third floor of The Limelight Kyoto building, and how I cooked my own meal in the room’s mini kitchen in my last blog. This time, I’m switching topics because I’ve been really, really, really wanting to rave about something else at The Limelight.

And what’s that?

Their hair tools.

Specifically, I loved this blowdryer – the Bioprogramming Repronizer 2D Plus. It’s typically something you’d only find if you went to a high-end salon in Japan, like in the expensive area of Omotesando in Tokyo, and is really expensive. It makes your hair really smooth and silky after it’s dry and is great if you have slightly frizzy and naturally curly hair like me. If you left your beloved hairdryer and other hair tools at home and are worried about the humidity in Japan giving you bad hair days, this blowdryer was amazingly helpful for me.

Can you tell by how much I’m writing about the Repronizer that I genuinely loved it and am grateful to have been able to use it? I went home and bought one for myself because I’d been looking for a new hairdryer. I’m so glad I got to try the professional hair tools for myself at The Limelight. 😊

By the way, that’s not the only professional hair tool at The Hanazono Inn that you’d normally find in a salon! There are these two hairdryers as well:

The Sharp Plasmacluster hairdryer

The Louvredo Fukugen hairdryer

Each of the three hairdryers does something special for your hair, so you should choose which one to use based on your specific hair type or try them all because you have nothing to lose anyway.

Bioprogramming Repronizer 2D Plus: It locks in moisture to make your hair smoother and easy to manage

Sharp Plasmacluster: Makes your hair smoother and reduces flyaways and damage

Louvredo Fukugen:“Fukugen” means “restoration” in English, and this hairdryer uses low heat to reduce damage to your hair and scalp from high-heat products. Apparently, this one is personally used by the owner of The Limelight. She seems to have really good taste. ❤

That’s not to say that they don’t have other hair tools available, like a flat iron and curling iron! They have a Vidal Sassoon curling iron and a 2-in-1 flat iron/curling iron by Furiden, if you want to use these tools too before you go out. They’re all free for anyone to use.

The rest of the vanity and bathroom area has a really relaxing atmosphere. You want to spend time in there when you’re staying in their hostel. I really loved it.

See you in my next blog!





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