Supermarkets in Hanazono

Hi, guys! It’s Christina, one of the contributors at The Limelight Kyoto. During my trip to Kyoto earlier this fall, there was one day where the weather wasn’t at its greatest because a typhoon was passing by off the coast of Japan. The heavy rain and wind (plus some train delays) made me want to hang out in my cozy apartment-style hotel room on the 3rd floor, but I went out for a quick walk across the street to the supermarket.

The supermarket I went to is literally underneath Hanazono Station, about a one-minute walk across the street, and is called サンディ (pronounced sahn-dee, which seems to be a Japanese derivative of “Sunday”). Since it’s in an odd location, it can be easy to miss if you don’t look carefully. Once you go inside, you can see what a local Japanese supermarket which is stocked with some everyday Japanese cooking staples looks like.

This supermarket is very budget-friendly and stocks the aisles with products as they come off the truck, directly in the boxes.

My favorite thing about Japanese supermarkets is their stock of meats – beef, pork, and chicken – usually locally sourced within Japan. By the way, wagyu is a premium type of beef even in Japan and costs more than standard beef. I highly recommend you look up or learn the word for wagyu in Japanese if you want to find it in the supermarket – it’s written in Japanese as “和牛.”

More meat.

This section has fresh fish and sea-based foods.

Japan has an abundance of instant curry sauces and a decent selection of pasta sauces.

Here are a couple other supermarkets I found in the area while I was walking around:

This is a ma & pa supermarket you can find if you walk north through Myoshinji Temple and come out the other side, then make a left where you’ll cross the Randen train tracks (this might be a good option if you’re coming back to The Limelight from Arashiyama on the Randen Line).

This is the produce section.

This supermarket, called Hankyu Oasis (阪急Oasis) is located about a 5- to 10- minute walk from The Limelight Kyoto if you’re in the mood for a longer walk.

It’s on the road just between Hanazono Station and Emmachi Station. They have a wider selection of products.

Not pictured in this blog are also a couple other supermarkets in the area called Life, one of which is about a 10-minute walk south of The Limelight Kyoto through a nice park and small river. There’s also a Life supermarket a few minutes’ walk from Nijo Station on the JR Sagano (San-in) Line, which is two stops from Hanazono Station. There are plenty of options you can google.

In my next blog, I’ll talk about cooking in my hotel room! See you next time!





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