Staying at a Hostel

Since it’s almost the end of 2019, I wanted to reflect back on a unique experience I had earlier this year. During one of my trips to Kyoto this year, I stayed at The Limelight Kyoto’s hostel, The Hanazono Inn. Having stayed at hotels any time I traveled – and being lucky enough to have welcoming friends and family let me stay at their homes when I traveled – I never even thought about staying at a hostel. Also, because I’m from the U.S., hostels aren’t as common, clean, or secure as they probably are in other countries, especially in Japan.

And that’s when I found The Limelight Kyoto. I was sold by the pictures I saw online and quickly booked a private bunk and a private cabin. When I actually got there, I was shocked at how clean and quiet it was – the complete opposite of the image I’d had of hostels.

I love the striking red carpet, dark wood, and the lighting! The private cabin wasthe perfect size for a really, really affordable price.

The private bunk is a cozy futon-style bed, with your own lock box inside which you can set your own pass code. It also has dimmable lights and blackout curtains, so you can’t see any of the lights in the hallway while you’re sleeping.

The private cabin has all of that, plus you have the ceiling space to stand up on your bed and get changed or exercise. There’s also a full mattress rather than a futon, so it’s extra cozy. I loved hanging out in there.

The hostel has a really nice and relaxing common area with two hammocks, where I would go to read and browse the Internet. The lighting during the day and night is perfect, too.

I met some nice fellow travelers and got completely sucked into the guest books and travel ideas, which are left on the counter in the common area next to the free tea and coffee. They’re full of so much great insight for places to visit in Kyoto and wherever travelers have gone while in Japan.

All in all, I had a cozy, relaxing experience while I was hanging out here and loved being in a chill and calm hostel so that I could get a good night’s sleep while chat with people who’re in the middle of travelling too.





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