Rainy Day Cooking in My Hotel Room

Hi, everyone! It’s The Limelight Kyoto’s English contributor Christina here.

When I was staying at The Apartment Hotel during my recent trip to Kyoto, there was a day when the weather was too miserable to go out and sightsee (plus, there were real safety concerns due to the incoming typhoon), so I had a well-deserved cozy day inside after walking to the local supermarket (check out the backlog for my blog about the local supermarkets!).

The great thing about The Limelight Kyoto is that wherever there’s a kitchen (in

your private room and in the hostel common area) with an electric stovetop.

They provide free cookware and cooking utensils if you want to cook. If you’re

staying in a hotel room, you have to ask them at the front desk to borrow their

cookware. When you get it, it’ll be packed up in a cute picnic basket like this

You get the essentials. I had what I needed to make a simple pasta bolognese, so I gathered the ingredients:

Limited prep + easy prep = happy me

Boiling my spaghetti.

Sauteeing my ground beef/pork mix.

Add seasoning.

Top with cheese and voila! A delicious homecooked meal.






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