Midsummer Party [English]

Hi everyone!

We held our first ever event, Hanazono Midsummer Party at The Limelight Kyoto on June 23rd!

As we prepared for the event, one thing we all worried about was how the weather would be on the day. It turns out that we had nothing to worry about as it didn’t rain at all on the day!

It was a little cloudy but as we were outside all day, this was the perfect as it gave us all some shade from the sun. To top off the event, everyone got to see on of the best sunsets we’ve seen from our rooftop terrace!

You can see the photo at the end of this blog and also on our Instagram account.

This party was all about midsummer so everything including the food, the items on sale, the workshop and the beautiful flowers was themed around midsummer.

With all the different events to enjoy, there was something for kids and adults to take part in! There was a happy vibe as everyone laughed and chatted the afternoon away.

Throughout the day, live performances by artists playing a ukulele, guitar, harmonica and djembe as well as the live set by a DJ, kept all the guests entertained.

The spectacular sunset came at around 7pm and we all got to see the Hanazono sky glowing in different shades of pinks, reds and purples.

The amazing sunset was accompanied by the artist who was playing making the perfect end to the party.

We would like to thank all the guests who came to the party and everyone who helped to make it a success. We were so delighted to get to know the local community.

The Limelight Kyoto will be celebrating the first anniversary in August, when we are planning to have another event, so we hope to see you all there!






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