“Kyoto on a Budget” – TLK is Featured in a Professional Influencer Video

最終更新: 2019年9月26日

Hey, everyone! It's Christina here again. I'm really excited about this blog because I'm going to introduce you guys to a cool video that just came out on YouTube by my three of my favorite Japan-based influencers: Sharmander, Tokidoki Traveller, and Kim Dao. They made the premise of the video a budget trip for girls since they stayed in the Hanazono Inn @ The Limelight Kyoto.

It turns out that they visited my favorite city in Japan, Kyoto, and my favorite hostel in Kyoto, The Limelight Kyoto, and made a video about it! It's really interesting and looks like it was a really fun day; they started out their video by going to a waffle place near Kiyomizu Temple called Cha-Cha. They serve up tasty waffles on a stick, which are covered in flavored icing and other toppings. They also seem to have yummy fruit soda drinks and a unique waffle/gelato concoction that they called a geffle. That would be perfect right now... After that, they went to a place called Marumasu Nishimura in downtown Kyoto where you can try making your own Kyo-yuzen (京友禅), which is an art style that dates back to the Edo Period (1603-1868). It looks like a fun arts & crafts experience with something worthwhile you can take home with you or give as a souvenir. Even if you're not super artistic (like Kim said), it looks pretty simple, so that's definitely something I want to try next time I'm in Kyoto!

Then they went to Yokato, which you can read about in my last blog. I was really glad to see that they went there like I did with Ulala because they have really fresh ingredients and tasty homemade dishes. https://www.limelight-kyoto.com/post/yokato-a-real-local-japanese-bar-pub-in-hanazono?lang=en

Finally, the girls went to a shojin-ryori (精進料理) restaurant. Shojin-ryori is a type of cuisine eaten by followers of Buddhism which uses no animal products whatsoever, so it's perfect for vegans. The cuisine looks like it was carefully and beautifully made; I'm not surprised since Japanese restaurants are great at presenting food!

TLDR: Check out the video to see all the sights for yourself!


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