Getting Around Kyoto: The Randen Tram

Where you’re from, are there any famous, historic sights that tourists often visit? Is there anything that was always in your backyard, so you never bothered to visit personally? Today, that’s what I want to talk about in this blog. I’m Christina, contributor for The Limelight Kyoto, and I have a confession. I lived in Kyoto for one year, but I never rode on the Randen train line, a street tram that’s part of the Keifuku Line in Kyoto, even though it was always right there.

Actually, the Randen Line is really close to The Limelight Kyoto if you think about it. The southern gate to the massive Myoshin-ji Temple is about a five- minute walk from The Limelight Kyoto. If you walk all the way through to the northern end – about a 20-minute walk – you’ll come out to this street, then all you need to do it make a left turn and take the road to the right when you come to this fork:

Within a few minutes, you’ll reach Myoshinji Station on the Randen Line.

If you get on the Randen Line towards Katabiranotsuji (帷子ノ辻) Station (a mouthful, I know), you’ll have to get off and transfer to a tram that heads to Arashiyama (嵐山) Station. The tram ride doesn’t take that long, and you basically get to ride through neighborhoods on the ground level and see all the buildings in the vicinity, like houses and small businesses.

If you’re into random, planned outings, this is a great way to really explore local Kyoto and see what you can find as you wander around. Even if you’re not into random adventures, the Randen Line is a less crowded and more relaxed option for getting to Arashiyama.

It’s even decorated in a uniquely-Kyoto banner. 😀





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