Fun Things to Do Along the JR Sagano (San-in) Line: Emmachi Station

Emmachi Station is one station away from Hanazono Station and three stops from Kyoto Station. It’s fairly close to central Kyoto but is considered western Kyoto, and it’s quite a bustling area because of its proximity to major sights such as Kinkaku-ji Temple and local universities such as Hanazono University.

Around Emmachi Station, you can easily walk to an electronics store across the street, a café, several chain restaurants, along with some local family-run stores and restaurants. I find that the family-run restaurants in Japan blend right in with the surroundings and can be easy to miss, but I highly recommend keeping a lookout for what’s around because there are hidden gems like my absolute favorite ramen restaurant in all of Japan (personally): 山崎麺二郎 (romanized as Yamazaki Menjiro). When it’s open, there’s almost always a line that waits outside due to the limited number of seats inside, but their ramen is great. They celebrated their tenth anniversary in 2018, and I have a feeling they’ll be around for a long time. The owner is a pro and a master at the craft of making ramen.

Relatively close to Emmachi Station, you can walk to Hankyu Oasis, the supermarket I introduced in a previous blog:

If you walk north and through a neighborhood, you can also find this building, which is called Shimadzu Arena Kyoto. It’s a Kyoto prefectural recreational facility, and they have a gym inside which anyone can go to on an ad-hoc basis as long as they get a member’s card (photo ID such as a Japanese Residence Card is required). The gym charge is about \350. All you need to do is bring a separate pair of gym shoes with you since Japan likes to separate outdoor-use and indoor-use shoes to keep floors clean. If you’re staying at The Limelight Kyoto for a while and are looking to feel less guilty about skipping workouts, you can head here!

There are plenty of other things to find in Emmachi. Kyoto is full of shrines, like this one tucked away just off the main road:

You can also reach Emmachi Station by taking the bus from the bus station just outside The Limelight Kyoto and getting off at the Emmachi Station stop





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